Saturday, March 6, 2010

Nest Eggs

In English, a "magot" is a small, grotesque Japanese or Chinese carved figure. In French, it's a pile of money -- a nest egg. If you've lost your magot, like Julie Hagerty in Albert Brooks' comedy, Lost in America, or if it's disappeared, thanks to the economy or Bernie Madoff, here's an opportunity to gather a new one this Easter. Fox is giving away a $50,000 nest egg. That pile could cover the down payment on a house, or provide enough sustenance to live in Paris for awhile, provided you don't crack and hit Vegas. You will also have the chance to instantly win an egg basket-approved DVD such as Ice Age, Mrs. Doubtfire, and Night at the Museum. Get egg-cited and enter.

- the link to Fox $50,000 Nest Egg Sweepstakes:

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