Thursday, March 25, 2010

Entertaining Ile St. Louis

Entertaining the notion of a short-term flat rental in Paris, my first choice of arrondissements would be Ile St. Louis. Named for a popular king who read poetry to the animals of the island, this charming enclave was developed in the late 1500s and is still lined with 17th century townhouses. I bumped into Kenneth Branagh in a brasserie the last time I visited, but other celebs such as Joni Mitchell, Johnny Depp, and Ingrid Bergman have also resided here.

The first order of business is faire du lèche-vitrine, better known as window shopping. Plenty of establishments will assail your senses, including Berthillon, which sells the richest, creamiest ice cream in the city. You can duck out at La Petite Scierie, which serves all kinds of farm fresh ducky delicacies. Or, get cheesy at La Ferme Saint-Aubin. After night falls, kick back in a vaulted stone cellar better known as Franc Pinot and listen to some jazz. Now that's entertainment.

And speaking of entertainment, Fox Home Entertainment is giving away a prize a day in honor of their 75th anniversary. The biggest prize of all? $75,000, which will buy you some time on this enchanted island. Jazz up your life and enter.

Voilà - the link to the Fox Home Entertainment 75th Anniversary Sweepstakes:

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