Saturday, March 20, 2010


Whenever I hear the word "community," I associate it with the space on the Monopoly board. Recently, however, I visited another Community, the NBC series, starring among others, Saturday Night Live's Chevy Chase, Talk Soup's Joel McHale, and The Hangover's Ken Jeong. This clever comedy keeps getting better and better. The same can't be said of the food in the Greendale cafeteria scene. Since this hilarious episode is all about chicken, the smell of fried legs and wings permeated the set. At first, it stirs your taste buds, but after hours and hours and hours under hot lights, old chicken smells downright nauseating. Let's just say I was "chicken" to get anywhere near the poultry by the end of the evening.

While we're on the subject of community, one of the best things you can do is "green" your dale. Purex is giving away a $20,000 check to do just that. If you're budget conscious, there's bound to be enough left after installing double-sided windows and low flow toilets to escape to Paris. Shore up your community and enter.

VoilĂ  - the link to the Purex Saves Green Sweepstakes:

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