Thursday, March 11, 2010

Name That... Plane

If the find the name "Airbus" repellent, here's your chance to come up with something more enticing. Lufthansa is running a contest to name their new A380 plane, touted as the world's biggest, modern passenger jet. If you're clever enough to come up with the award-winning moniker, you'll receive 1,000,000 Miles & More miles from Lufthansa. That's enough to fly First Class to Paris numerous times! Generic names like "High Flyer", "Velocity", and "Aerodrome" are already taken, so get creative. And, "de plane, de plane" belongs on Fantasy Island. Get in gear with Airplane! Create the plane truth and enter.

VoilĂ  - the link to Lufthansa's LHA380 Naming Contest:

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