Saturday, March 27, 2010


Thanks to The Liquid Muse, I had the pleasure of attending an underground cocktail event at a sizzling new Spanish restaurant called La Vida in Hollywood, where yes, the food is loco yummy. Founder and mixology maven Natalie Bovis-Nelsen launched the underground Liquid Muse Cocktail Club to introduce some of the finest concoctions in an array of intriguing southern California venues. La Vida's house sangria was the perfect accompaniment for their cool combo of pineapple shrimp salsa and tarot root on purple Peruvian potato chips. Veev's refreshing Treetini, a martini made with the hot new acai spirit, paired well with delicious skewers of black pepper beef served on cute mini wood-burning grills. Sound tempting? Currently, membership in the Liquid Muse Cocktail Club is complimentary, so register here! These exclusive events -- including the drinks and appetizers -- are free, but you'll have to RSVP promptly if you would like to attend. With only room for about 40 people, they fill up fast!

Natalie revealed one of her favorite bars in Paris is the intimate Expérimental Cocktail Club. "It hits the right note of mixology parlor meets neighborhood bar with intriguing decor (taxidermy and the like)," she says. "It takes a bit of savvy to find it, but once inside, it's worth the adventure." So wander down the quiet alley to this rustic-chic, neo Baroque watering hole, and search for the discreetly marked door. Woman's Day is giving away $1,000 for a Super Spring Break, which ought to cover a plane ticket and drinks. Raise your glass to toast and enter.

Voilà - the link to the Woman's Day Super Spring Break Sweepstakes:

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