Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's Show Time!

I was raised that it's always better to give than receive. When you can do both, even better! Showtime (You know, the crazy network: United States of Tara, Diary of a Call Girl, Californication) is running a Nurse Jackie sweepstakes. No, they aren't giving away prescription drugs. More like $5,000, plus up to $20,000 for your favorite charity. (If you need some help choosing one, I'm partial to the Starlight Children's Foundation and Food Forward. Nurse your addiction to Paris with a creative trip while being charitable. Check into the Hôtel Particulier Montmartre (or ring the bell and mention the words "boire un verre" to enter the incredible secret garden) for an artful stay. Slip into the World of Yves St. Laurent exhibit at the Petit Palais and discover this couturier's eye-catching retrospective. Then, pay homage to Jim Morrison at Pere Lachaise, where someone is bound to be singing People Are Strange by his graveside. For supper? Tuck into an underground dinner, with a small group of like-minded foodies, thrown by Hidden Kitchen. Doctor's orders: march on over and enter.

- the link to the Nurse Jackie Sweepstakes:

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