Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fantasy Talk

Claire's Knee, Pauline at the Beach, and An Autumn Tale are a few Eric Rohmer films that originally fueled my fantasies of France. Yesterday, Rohmer died of an unknown cause at the age of 89. Unlike his chatty films, which often ended abruptly, Rohmer's influence remains. My favorite twist on Rohmer's subject matter is Jackie Oudney's 2008 comedy, French Film, which deftly explores the difference between the French and the English when it comes to relationships. Is French the language of love? See for yourself. Redbook is running a $100,000 Fantasy Fund Sweepstakes, which should cover all the films you'll ever want to watch as well as a trip to Paris. Stop fantasizing and enter.

Voilà - the link to the Fantasy Fund Sweepstakes:


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  1. Winsome, your blog site is a one-stop shop! News, film suggestions, and sweepstakes-- what more could a girl ask for? THANK YOU and keep it coming!