Monday, September 27, 2010

Sleepless in Paris - Nuit Blanche

Sure, you pulled some all-nighters in college, but Nuit Blanche is the mother of them all, sans an exam. Launched in 2002 this free annual event buzzes throughout France from 7PM to 7AM with concerts, films festivals, art shows, photography exhibits, art installations, and a wealth of entertainment this Saturday, October 2nd. Museums, monuments, cinemas, parks, and swimming pools stay open all night. At dawn, city halls offer breakfast for those who have survived. Not sure you've got the stamina? The Metro is free and runs 'til the wee hours, so there's no excuse not to venture out. Take a plunge. Then, catch that Monet retrospective at 2AM.

Need a windfall to go? AT&T and is giving away $5,000 in their Windfall of Winnings Sweepstakes. Catch up on your sleep and party all night at next year's Nuit Blanche. Join the insomniacs and enter.

Voilà - the link to AT&T's Windfall of Winnings Sweepstakes:

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