Monday, September 6, 2010

And God Created... Brigitte Bardot

French sex kitten Brigitte Bardot has made headlines as a model, a film star, a singer, and an animal rights activist for decades. It's hard to believe she's almost 76 and still ruffling feathers. Today's Los Angeles Times is running a riveting article about Bardot's latest controversial remarks and her battle to fight Kyle Newman's proposed, unauthorized, untitled Brigitte Bardot Biopic, which is slated to star Newman's wife, Jaime King. (She played radio-boss-cum-girlfriend, Vanessa, on the short-lived TV series, Gary Unmarried.)

If you're in France before the end of October, catch the Exposition Brigitte Bardot at Espace des Lices in Place des Lices in Bardot's hometown, St. Tropez. The popular show includes a wide selection of paintings, photographs, unpublished letters, sculpture, and items from her private life. Chronologically arranged thematic alcoves bear the title of a film, a song, or a TV show, and retrace Bardot's existence, from her childhood to her involvement in animal welfare. Highlighted are her connection with Saint-Tropez, her love affairs, and her career, which includes 50 films and more than 80 songs.

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