Monday, February 22, 2010

Landing the Look

Traveling requires finding that delicate balance between fashion and comfort. Jeans and tennis shoes stick out like a tutu on an elephant in France. Mind the gap. Unless you want everyone to know you're American, you may want to rethink those travel options. Virgin America is teaming up with Banana Republic to help you travel in style by giving away round trip tickets for 2 to New York, 2 nights at Hudson, and a $1,000 Banana Republic wardrobe makeover, with the help of a style consultant. According to Sarah Turnbull, who wrote the delightful memoir Almost French: Love in a New Life in Paris, it is important to the French to look pretty for others. When she rolls out of bed to dash to the boulangerie in her sweats, her horrified boyfriend asks, "Are you going out like that, wearing your gymnastic pantaloons? ... That's not nice for the baker man." So, remember, it's not all about you. Get stylish and enter.

VoilĂ  - the link to the Land the Look Giveaway:

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