Monday, May 31, 2010

Gossip Girl Here: Tangoing In Paris

Teen drama, Gossip Girl, has been delivering a glimpse of exclusive Manhattan locales for three seasons. Come July, the hit CW show is kicking off the fourth season by shooting the first two episodes in Paris! After all, that's where Serena and Blair are spending the summer. While Ladurée is my go-to macaroon mecca, Pierre Hermé is Blair's. Don't be surprised if they film there!

Gossip Girl ended with a bang when Chuck Bass was shot and presumably killed, but even more drama was happening off screen. Tabloids report that Ed Westwick's real life break-up with his on screen co-star, Jessica Szohr, was so devastating that Westwick wanted off the show, hence the bloody ending. Since then, however, Ed and Jessica have kissed and made-up. Surprise, surprise. And, now Ed's character is headed to Paris. Will this be Blair and Ed's last tango? You know you love it. Bisou, bisou.

Determined to see Paris yourself? Marzetti is giving away various Visa gift cards, including one for $2,500. Bien sûr, you won't be able to travel like Blair Waldorf, but it will cover a ticket to Paris and some of the sites that wind up on the show this fall. XO,XO. Stop gossiping and enter.

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