Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Royally Awesome

Europe has royalty, America has manufactured celebrities. How else can one explain the Kardashians? Sextime - I mean, Showtime - has managed to make history more exciting than anything I remember studying in high school with it's provocative TV series, The Tudors. To ring in the fourth and final season premiere this Sunday, April 11th, Showtime is giving away a regal tour of Tudor London. The grand prize includes round trip air travel for 2 courtesy of Delta Airlines, a custom Tudor tour, and a $5,000 Macy's gift card. Plus, you'll stay at the Kensington Hotel in the aristocratic neighborhood of Kensington, which is steps from Kensington Palace. No, it's not France, but it's close. With your $5,000 Macy's gift card you can do some fancy financial footwork and use this year's clothing budget for a side trip to Paris. Enter the 21st century and take the Chunnel across the pond when you've had enough tutoring about the Tudors. Be noble and enter.

Voilà - the link to the Tudors Royal Sweepstakes:,30

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