Thursday, April 8, 2010

Carry On

The older you get, the more baggage you have. Maybe you aren't ready to deal with your emotional luggage, but on the road there's no point in being weighed down. Travel light. The adventure begins before you leave. Lay the groundwork when you pack. If you can't wheel your essentials through customs on your own, chances are you're in for a heavy journey. To make your trip easier, Elle Decor is giving away a luxurious, 3-piece set of Titan's 360° FOUR Diamond Edition luggage. Excellent engineering and innovative design with the lightest and most durable material around (100% virgin polycarbonate) means you can zip through the airport with their 27" trolly like the Fly Girls. Since each hard-shell case is scratch-resistant, it will still look pretty when you land in Paris. On the carousel, the winning, distinctive, crimson color and sleek lines are bound to prevent you from mistaking a stranger's bag for your own. (That's an adventure you could do without!) Roll on over and enter.

Voilà - the link to Elle Decor's Titan Luxury Luggage Sweepstakes:

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