Saturday, December 18, 2010

Brad and Angelina Party in Paris With Their Kids

When Brangelina, better known as Bradd Pitt and Angelina Jolie, were in Paris at the end of November, they were photographed leaving the exclusive 5-star Hôtel Le Bristol. Brad has been here in the past. While filming Ocean's 12, George Clooney treated the cast to a lavish spread of champagne and foie gras in the hotel's restaurant.

Aside from walking the blue carpet at the Megamind premiere, Brangelina celebrated Pax's 7th birthday. His special treat? A bird's eye view of Paris in a 20-minute, tethered hot air balloon ride, which soars 500 feet above the city, in Parc André Citroen. Later, the gang cruised down the Seine on a splashy, rented riverboat, where balloons and birthday cake ruled.

"Girl's Day Out" was also on the Paris agenda. Shiloh and Zahara were treated to a shopping spree at the children's wear couture house, Bonpoint, where there's a huge, decked out farmhouse to play in for kids.

Some of the brood also checked out the fish at the Aquarium de Paris. It must have been a big hit because they returned for a second visit!

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